mission & vision

We are a small group of individuals with a passion for the safety and well-being of animals. We work with the Ashland County Dog Shelter, volunteer our time to walk the dogs and we help find them forever homes.....until there are NO PAWZ LEFT BEHIND!.


Want to help us make a difference for these dogs? Consider going to the shelter and walking the dogs. The dogs love it! **Remember, flip flops are not allowed.

No Pawz Left Behind

Friends of The Ashland County Dog Shelter, Ohio

2017 calendars

Purchase the 2017 No Pawz Left Behind calendar at the following locations:

* The Ashland County Dog Shelter

* The UPS Store on Main Street

* Pet Stop on Claremont

* Downtown Perk

Calendars are $15 each. Profit from each calendar supports our medical fund.

recent programs

Recently we appeared at Tractor Supply Company in Ashland with a few of our dogs for an adoption event.

past events

June 14, 2013 - we were invited by the Ashland county parks district to participate in the 'walk in the park' program.
September 2, 2013 - No Pawz Left Behind participated in our first ever parade. The Ashland County Labor Day parade. The dogs did a fabulous job for their first outing.